His Excellency Prof. Sir Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez HOKC, LLB, MBA, Dr. h.c. mult., FRAS, FRSA, FRAI, MRSAI is a lawyer and journalist with an MBA and more than 300 courses and specializations in different areas from IVY league and Elite Business Schools. 

He is a professor, collaborator and advisor to many universities across the globe. He has been working for several years in the field of Health development with Dr. Reza Radmand (Research Collaborator from Harvard Medical School). They are currently involved in several collaborative clinical studies at Harvard Medical School’s Brigham and Women’s Hospital, Division of Sleep Medicine, particularly in Obstructive Sleep Apnea (OSA), a common disorder caused by repeated obstruction of the area of the back of the throat during sleep.

He has lectured and participated at the World Economic Forum events and has published twelve books and more than seventy professional and scientific articles. He is a fellow and member of several British and Irish Royal societies and Spanish and American academies. 

He is the head of AKBS Education Holdings, a group of educational institutions with more than 1 million students globally. He holds C-level positions and he is a member of the board of directors and advisory board member of public and private multinational companies, UHNWI and Family Offices.

He was invited to collaborate in media in different media blogs and platforms on institutions such as Harvard, Yale, Berkeley, MSNBC, Microsoft, Le Figaro and Le Monde. He is a regular contributor to The Economic Times, The Times of India (Opinion: Disruption on Higher Education) and Entrepreneur.com (a Member of the Entrepreneur Leadership Network).

He is a diplomat who serves as Special Envoy to the General Direction of Madagascar Presidential Projects, and he is an official advisor of different African countries, United Nations high officials, and Royal Families all over the World. He also has received two Doctor Honoris Causa in Diplomacy and a Doctor Honoris Causa in Law.

In philanthropy, he achieved different public references such as “Humanitarian Person of the Year” and “Personality of the Year” by the International Tourism Magazine Dstinos Peru and he was included in many global ranked lists and highlighted and interviewed in media like Forbes, Yahoo, Cosmo, CNBC, CBS, ABC, or Fox News. He has been referenced as “The Leader of Online Education” on Forbes, or “The Titan of Online Learning” on Mediaset.

He holds different knighthoods and high civil honors from Religions and other Governmental institutions. 

Among his most outstanding accolades, Sir Manuel received in the United States was appointed with the Arkansas Traveler by official State appointment from the Governor of Arkansas Asa Hutchinson and the Secretary of State John Thurston. The Arkansas Traveler is an honorary title bestowed on notable individuals who, through their actions, serve as official goodwill ambassadors for Arkansas’s US state. Among the different notable recipients, there are President Donald Trump, President Ronald Reagan, Muhammad Ali, Maya Angelou, and Steve Forbes.

He also received several city recognitions from cities such as Machu Picchu (given by Mayor Darwin Baca Leon), Medley by Mayor Roberto Martell and North Miami Beach (given by Mayor Anthony DePhillippo). Sir Manuel also received the Honorary Citizenship and Keys of the Region of Vakinankaratra and the City of Antsirabe.

In 2020 Prof. Sir Manuel was appointed by the Russian Federation with the Grand Cross of Ruby Ars Longa. Among the most outstanding winners of the first-class degree are Fidel Alejandro Castro Rus (President of the Republic of Cuba), Sheikh Hamada ibn Isa Al Khalifa (King of Bahrain), Mikhail Gorbachev (President of the USSR), Emomali Sharipovich Rakhmonov (President of Tajikistan), Ahmed Al Jarwan (Former president of the Arab Parliament and member of Federal National Council of UAE). As well as second and third-class personalities of art and culture such as the American actors Alek Baldwin and Owen Wilson, or the Dutch actor Rutger Hauer.

He also received the Medal of the Congress of Peru by the nomination of the Foreign and Tourism Commission. The recognition has been delivered by Congressman Alexander Lozano Inostroza. “conferred in the framework of the bicentennial of the independence of Peru as a merit to his permanent work of cooperation with the peoples of Peru and his unconditional support to spread our cultural and tourist wealth” as expressed in the certificate.

Additionally, he was recognized by Lions International Club and different organizations with consultative status at the United Nations because of his humanitarian contributions to education and social welfare.

He is also a registered Senior Lieutenant at the All-Russian Public Organisation for the Development of the Cossacks-“Union of Cossacks Warriors of Russia and Foreign Countries” and a Community Service Policeman with credentials endorsed by the Federated Government of the United States and the international organization of the Hague.