Jordan Belfort says that “when someone grows up always appears mediocre who will try to pull you down”. Triumphs in life, at work or in love are always threatened by an endemic evil called envy.
Many of us wrote about the envy on multiple occasions. It is perhaps the worst of the dangers that plague the society, probably with more destructive force than a nuclear arsenal and more virulent than a pandemic.

This phenomenon is as old as humanity or even as life on the planet Earth. Imagine a man in the cave envying another for the prey that he had hunted or about the beauty of his cave paintings. Following the visions until the limit, one might come to believe that some failed attempts in the evolution of species obeyed the envy that awakened in some unicellular beings, the innovative molecular advances of other beings that were conveniently phagocytosed by the first with intention: stop to disturb!

The envy becomes the unifying symbol of those who participate in wars of states, companies or relationships, justifying the destruction of the reason for this emotion. It is not about colors or parties, religions or creeds; it is the common desire of destroying the one who prospers, who becomes the key to beat, the feeling being the necessary spark that activates the hatred of the envious.

Its nature is both powerful and determinant. It inflicts pain while acting and sells the cessation of hostility as a present. How many times has it stopped the effort to reach a goal in order to calm down the envious and prevent them from inflicting pain? A server recommends you not to cease, because the only result is the satisfaction of the envious whose influence fades as easily, as the mist with the first rays of the sun does, the one that shines as our greatest successes.

Fuck the envy! Surely some sapient people have shouted this time out of desperation, trying to express with this shout what all the people of good desire. The truth is that one imagines envy as a small excrement that acquires volume while being pushed like a dung beetle – insignificant beings called “mediocre” – to make it very visible, a quality that we define today as “viral”. That is all about getting every child support a lie until it becomes a “false truth” that ends up infecting even the most open-minded, awakening in a person a feeling of hatred.

Envy is the beginning of the loss of prosperity because the envious one tries to lower the level of his surroundings to the height of his mediocrity. It might cause the emigration of the best talents or eliminate them or, at least, intellectual death.

Although it is practically impossible to escape from this environmental pollutant, it is advisable to try to survive by following series of guidelines.

As Warren Buffett says, “oneself is the most important asset”. To master ourselves, we must invest in our training and commit to our inner wisdom. The commitment is fundamental, but in alignment with the dreams. I do not mean the impulses resulting from a lunar insolation, the ideas of story heroes and other colorful fish. If so, take the following indications: Go to the mirror and, if you do not recognize yourself in the story, you must realize you are a dreamer.

As social animals, we need to have the models of success to follow – not necessarily from the economic circle – and the companion of our life journey. Going back to Buffett, he said that “The best thing I’ve done was to choose the right heroes.” It is important to follow real heroes, not those trash icons that turn hate and envy into the capital that moves their actions and drags their followers.

Talking about traveling companions, oneself needs to choose the best possible environment to avoid the problems. The problems never come alone, and there is always someone who creates them. Being honest with ourselves, the human being becomes so stupid sometimes, you can see that frequently we end up creating our own problems. Moreover, sometimes it makes the envy one attack the people who generate valuable things for the higher good of many. I remember the famous phrase of Billy Wilder, one of the most influential filmmakers of the last century, who he said: “no good deed goes unpunished.”

Who would you choose as a companion of your journey? Both, our loved ones related by blood and the ones who became our family because of the magical thing called love, influence our lives on every possible level. But even the families are full of envious. My suggestion supported by numerous examples in the history is to respect and follow the advice of the parents unless they are prey to mediocrity. Oneself can form a love relationship with a wonderful person, but parents usually want our good and their support does not fail. In case of the rest of the family, in all dynasties are envious individuals. Therefore, it is recommendable to flee away from the parasites that can be found in every family and that becomes a negative element in the assessment of risk by financial entities.

Finally, set long-term goals. It is about acquiring an identity, which will turn into the best shield against the envious and their tricks. When you finally achieve your goals, live discreetly. The tacky and boastful generate more rejection and envy, even in hearts of good people who cannot understand why they haven’t been as fortunate as others.

Conclusion: be yourself and follow your own dynasty, unless you are mediocre (I hope for my good that you are not one of them). In case of mediocrity try to hide it as much as possible, look for a good role model (sometimes it works) or consult your doctor (every day they surprise us with new treatments).