So often I remember how everything started in my carrer. A simple thought was the trigger of a few merits that I have achieved in these last three years.

Even before the field of academics, in the first year of my Law career I liked the issue of the Protection of Human Rights, so I decided to contact the Ombudsman of Galicia and, thanks to a great mentor who taught and supported me during the months that I was there. Then I managed to learn the reality of how to try to improve people’s lives.

This small step allowed me to discover that, if I wanted to achieve something and I proposed it, I would achieve it. Could means that at that moment I was deeply invested by Law thanks the influence of a good mentor and the development of my own ambition.

The trigger for stories like that depends on two factors: personal ambition and role models.

On the one hand, personal ambition is fundamental, if you do not feel like developing your own project it is better to think of looking for someone to guide you to be like a sheep.

Ambition is necessary to have a goal and the goal is not achieved without ambition. They are two reciprocal and inseparable elements that have been linked since the beginning of life. If men had not had the ambition to reach objects, he would not had stood up.

On the other hand, the role models – or our personal heroes – allow us to direct our project, our ambition using their experience and advice as a basis on what one should and should not do. But atention, keeping the essence of yourself.

When you are choosing your personal heroes one must be very cautious, especially with the closest ones.

Sometimes you can find in your life path characters who seems to be heroes but they are not heroes, they are called “screen heroes.” The main problem with these characters is envy, which is usually a manifestation of their inferiority complex.

Usually, these ghosts and other envious it is better not to have conflict with them, because they tend to be individuals with too much malice and free time.

Therefore, as I said on other occasions, escape from the problems and concentrate your energy on the beneficial and productive activities. “Screen heroes” and others envious tend to have enough with their insignificant lives of cockroaches.

To finish, I remind you that life is a half-composed song from which you write music and melody. For all that, (and following my hero Paul Anka) do it your way, with your ambition and advised (but not guided) and follow your own dynasty.