It is tending to hear that in business there should never be used feelings, from that the famous the phrase “it is nothing personal are business” usually used when one partner betrays the other.

It is usual to think that in business one has to be cold and distant, maybe in a way that is the right thing to follow, however, for a business to thrive it is necessary to know it in depth and then come to love it.

If one does not love his own projects as a man loves a woman, the business will hardly have a future. We could said that if one does not love his business, divorce will happen.

In life and in business, there is nothing more important than authentic feeling, there is nothing more valuable than true love.

The distance can not matter, since the puddles can be crossed, the mountains can be scaled and the earth can be traversed.

If love is pure and true, the feeling always remains there is distance or there is time, although both factors generate pain.

If you feel broken inside when love goes away in space and time is because love exists.

It is necessary to show the feelings with the business of oneself, if one sheds tears, that they are not empty tears, that they are tears that are worthwhile.

Conclusion: if you love something, do not let it pass and take care of it. Take your projects by the hand and do not let them go.

Make love to your projects, make love your way and never be in a hurry. Love needs time, so it values ​​the plot more than the outcome.