By Natalia Klimczak

The history knows only a few as powerful leaders as Alexander the Great. His impressive education, leadership skills and the hunger of conquering the new territories made him immortal. Although he was a son of the king, his position wouldn’t be the same without his friends.
Alexander the Great lived less than 33 years, but his achievements brought him a status of one of the greatest warriors and rulers in history. Since the ancient times, he has inspired many soldiers and entrepreneurs around the world. What was his secret weapon?

The student of great philosopher
Alexander was a student of great Aristotle. The students of his school located in Naoussa were young Alexander with Ptolemy (future Ptolemy I Soter), Cassander (the future King of Macedon) and the other future great rulers and generals. Aristotle taught the boys about the Iliad by Homer according to the copy corrected by him, called the casket copy. He also tried to teach them some aspects of medicine, such as how to recognize illnesses and how to solve health problems. This knowledge was very important to them during many battles.
The time spent at the school of Aristotle was very important in the process of creating the bonds between the young boys who studied there. Later they fought together, passed through the lands and rivers of Europe and Asia, and cried over the bodies of the ones who died during the battles. Even the friendship of Alexander and Aristotle survived until the death of the young king. Some of the letters they constantly exchanged survived until now.

Trust is the key
Although Alexander undoubtedly loved his friends, someday he became a king what brought him the highest rights and prestige. When his father died, Alexander became the ruler of Macedonia. In order to follow the vision of his father, Phillip II, he asked his friends from childhood to become the closest advisers. He had only one aim: creating the greatest Empire of the world.
Using the army created by his father, Alexander fought like the lion on the lands of three continents. Although the enemies wanted to murder him, he knew that his friends, his soul brothers, had his back. They guarded him like the most advanced Secret Service. This feeling was one of the main reasons why he believed that nobody can defeat him.

The death of God
The death of Alexander is one of the greatest mysteries in ancient history. Still young, with had full of dreams met the death in the middle of great military plans. According to many researchers, Alexander was killed by someone from his closest circle. It is possible that the murder was one of his brothers from the school of Aristotle. Maybe the king of Macedonia is a victim of the same soul disease as many others – envy. However, at least most of his friends mourned him and tried to protect his heritage by supporting his family and continuing his mission. Most of the resources talking about this period didn’t survive, but the story of Alexander and his friends stays one of the most inspiring tales about the importance of friendship in life. If we choose the right people, their friendship will be like a seatbelt in the car… However, if the seatbelt is valid, it may cost your life.