In business, love and life in general, you must develop some cautions in relation to society. Therefore, if you are someone who is inclined to help people or is benevolent towards enemies, change yourself.
This does not mean that you have to become suddenly into a cold, vile and ruthless man or woman; you simply have to grow up in psicological maturity, so become half monk and half hit man.

The main problem that is going to face once go highlighting in your professional career will be people and, in particular, your own countrymen. This is not something new, it is a fact that Bible collects with the words “no prophet is accepted in his own land.”

Following tradition, if you become success you will find four types of dangerous people.

First, the vast majority of people around you will not believe that you are standing out. Just they can say is that everything you do is fake or that you are linked to some type of criminal activity. All is because they are not able to recognize that you are successful and they never would have your same success.

With this first impression, you should take two cautions. On the one hand, go creating a shell, because this is only the beginning and; On the other hand, be very selective about your close people.

Secondly, once you settle your experience and your credibility begins, you will meet with envious that will criticize everything you do or you say. That is because the main hobby of some people is gossip.
For that, the solution is very simple, continue building the shell and keep growing. Never give up your efforts, because if someone criticizses you is for stop your productivity. Also, once you identify these gossip people you should ignore their comments. Spanish proverbs are very wise in these cases because “there is no greater contempt than no appreciation”.

In the third place, and probably at the same time as the previous ones, you will be able to find self-conscious opinions. These are easy to identify because they are usually idle beings with certain economic resources – usually men or women who freak rich heirs – but at the same time ignorant who will not understand exactly what is the reason of your success. The tendency of these people it is to accept your success and to consider it valid but subject to condition, that is, as long as you listen and take their advice into account. For your own safety, if you are smart, do not follow their advice or you will end up just like them.

And in fourth and last place, the flatterers. These types of actors are smoothies who will try to get something from you. Sometimes they may seem like admirers of your work but they will laugh of you when you are not there. Their method of payment it is to speak well about you, just as their countermeasure it is to criticize you if they do not take something from you.

All these people are only a brief classification of arrears with which you will fight in your professional career. The and some others, are united by the same characteristic, get your blood.

Therefore, go building your own shell. Also, as much as possible, know the people a lot before trusting them. On principle, be suspicious even of your own family, because in every family there are rats; and if you offer something, do it by in limited measure.

As a personal recommendation, all these people exists in all strata of society and in all places of the World but, if you have the opportunity leave your own land, travel all over the World and deal with people who are the same as you in character and knowledge.