Are you ready for rock and roll?

Throughout history, it has been seen how great men and women have worked tirelessly in order to prosper and achieve their goals.

For all of them, the problems that have arisen in their projects have been due to the environment.

In the environment of every entrepreneur whenever you have to take into account three areas: family, friends and staff.

Today I want to highlight in particular the problems that arise with the work staff and I hope that could serve you as guidance for your own projects.

Within the work environment will be in turn with two conflicts: relationship with subordinates and relationship with superiors.

Probably, the biggest problem will be with your subordinates.
There is no doubt that in any work environment, you will be able to deal with subordinates who will be faithful and charming but there will also be wolves in sheep’s clothing as well as demons without a mask.

In my opinion, the unmasked demons are preferable because they usually expose their concerns directly, so the solution will be to try to tame them as if they were wild animals.

Sometimes satisfying their vanity with a compliment will be enough, yes, without overdoing it because otherwise you will believe yourself equal or superior to you and in that case you will be lost.

As far as wolves in sheep’s clothing are concerned, they are often difficult to identify, so my recommendation is to directly mark distances with the staff, although being close at a time.

With your superiors, if you are a person who stands out, the main problem will come from the fear of being displaced. Likewise, the fear will be aggravated by the comments that the subordinates can make to them in order to enervate them and aggravate the discomfort.

To deal with superiors who try to curb their potential, the solution is easy: one dose of lime and another of sand.

Let them know that you respect them but in turn you are able to fly by yourself and, surely, without the need of your people.

These tips may not exempt you from a long torture in your work environment. If you appreciate that it is, you can take two options: change jobs or endure like many others we have done on multiple occasions.