In life, on multiple occasions we hear words that we do not give importance to and basically if we do not give it to them it is because of ignorance or lack of concern, that is, because of our limitations.

One of the words that have marked me personally is “perfidy”. In our lives, none of us has been able to avoid perfidy, sooner or later it persecutes us as if it were the grim reaper. Although inevitable, perfidy is a disease that has treatment and the best medical specialists are usually good friends and family.

Curious word perfidy, I’ve heard it a thousand times, but I could not give it content until I heard it in a song by my dear Andrea Bocelli. For those who do not know its etymology is composed of “per”, which translates as transgressing or going beyond; and by “fides” which means faith or trust. Therefore, perfidy comes to be understood as an abuse of trust or a betrayal.

Like words, the same thing happens with history – and particularly with personal stories -. In this regard there is a Spanish proverb that dignifies human nature: “man is the only animal that stumbles twice on the same stone.” This happens because the human being on multiple occasions neglects reason, only by following its basic impulses, or what is still more dangerous, by what the heart dictates.

In this way, he does not learn from experience, so he repeatedly makes mistakes in analogous situations. The solution is apparently simple, and in a way dual: to follow reason and parents.

Many of you will be surprised to read “dual solution” but a server considers it as such because, when you yourself are in a situation where you are in danger of falling back on your error, you have to try to follow it for the reason, but If he sees that his basic instincts try to dominate him, he has to resort to the parents, since they are really the ones who can remind us of our mistakes with greater objectivity.

It should be remembered that before an imminent danger to their puppies they will also make use of their primary instincts of protection, ergo there the subjectivity will come into play, that in order to avoid a greater evil. However, when we ourselves repeatedly fall into the same error, it can be considered as self-destruction.

Perfidy and history sometimes go hand in hand, so in these cases we will have to flee in terror. This same can be seen in everyday life in situations such as family violence, in which battered couples do not take the step out of the hole despite the repeated presence of perfidy.

Therefore, to avoid our self-destruction and perfidy we have to live in a herd. I already imagine that with this I contradict the theory that I have defended repeatedly from “being a lone wolf” but as I have already explained in this article, it is necessary to evolve and surpass our limitations.

Every human being, in order to be guided by reason, has to accept that he is not perfect and that he makes mistakes. In order to complete, we require friends and family to remind us of the content of words or past stories, although sometimes they hurt.

Finally, I recommend that in case your family and friends are not enough for you to follow the reason, you can always listen to Master Bocelli from time to time, with whom I assure you will grow emotionally.

Dedicated to Andrea, thanks for instructing me!