Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez, awarded with the medal of humanitarian merit by the Academy of Health Sciences Ramón y Cajal

Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez has recently been awarded the humanitarian merit medal by the Academy of Health Sciences Ramón y Cajal in recognition of his professional career, linked to his social, humanitarian and benefactor work towards the most needy.

Mainly, the award has been granted for his performance as a member of the diplomatic corps of the CMM World Mission as well as other entities related to the United Nations.

At the ceremony that took place last May 31 at the Palace Hotel in Madrid, his role was highlighted by his philanthropic work, with the Iraqi internally displaced persons centers who appointed him last year as one of the most influential philanthropists in the world. Arab countries, awarding him the “Best Human Leader for 2017” award.

In Spain, Freire-Garabal actively collaborates in the project “30 smiles with history” by the photographer of National Geographic Rafael Plaza, consisting mainly of the approach of children with rare and congenital diseases to nature.

In the same ceremony, the award was given to other personalities such as Ángel Huélamo Villanueva (general director of Pharmacists without Borders), Julio González Ronco (Director of the Real Madrid Foundation, the GMP Foundation or Joaquín Antuña (President of the Peace and Cooperation Foundation.

The Illustrious Academy of CC. de la Salud Ramón y Cajal, created under the umbrella of great professionals, aims to organize, promote, support and protect scientific and professional events: congresses, conferences, courses, seminars, symposiums, etc. that have a direct or indirect relationship with the professional practice of the Health Sciences, aimed at professionals of any field and non-professional people, but interested in the subject matter thereof.

The Academy counts as President, with Dr. M.ª del Carmen Slocker de Arce, and as Vice President, Dr. Javier López-Ibor.