The Galician philanthropist Manuel Freire-Garabal y Núñez has been named President and Ambassador of the Rosario Gatón Foundation (USA) for the country of Saudi Arabia for his work in the humanitarian field in the Middle East.

To date, the foundation itself made a public statement through its social networks by which they denoted the role of Galician.

The words of the president himself, Julio Cesar Rosario Gatón, were: “We welcome the honorary ambassador of Justice and Peace for the CMM world Mission of the United Nations, president for the Emirates and Vietnam of that NGO. The IDPS centers last year designated him as World Peace Leader 2017, and one of the most influential philanthropists of the Arab countries. “

The Rosario Gatón Foundation is a non-profit entity aimed at eradicating poverty and hunger in disadvantaged places as well as promoting equality and alleviating discrimination.

The entity of the presence of United Nations Ambassadors and other governmental entities.