The pleasure of small things

In life many times we have great aspirations that can be fulfilled or may remain unfinished. In one case or another, the problem lies in the objective to be followed, since in some cases we try to satisfy our ego with unnecessary desires that usually generate more problems than satisfactions.

In the assumption that our high goals are met, one can face two problems; on the one hand, the personal environment and, on the other, being able to maintain the economic or social status obtained.

As far as the social environment is concerned, we can refer to the arremoras – of which I have already quoted more than once. With success, one faces sycophants and vermin trying to make a profit; have special caution. Certainly, these characters Aristotle defined them masterfully, labeling them as mercenaries and men of low spirit, since they only approach those who can breastfeed in exchange for four words that seduce the most productive and at the same time most naive. .

Therefore, if you allow yourself to be fooled by them, people in whose face traits of usurious rats are appreciated, in a certain way you are lowering yourself to their misery.

Considering the economic environment, you will have to know how to keep it, whether you have arrears attached to your court or not. For this case it is best to follow the humble advice of Master Buffett.

First, about income and investments, you should keep in mind that you should not depend on a single source of income. Use the investment in coherent topics that allow you to generate a second source. Add, as personal advice, that if you do not have the ability to invest, or are surrounded by family members or managers with less or equal preparation than you, do not take initiative; please keep quiet, if not you will succeed like bullfighters, football players or well-known journalists hypnotized by con artists.

For this assumption, follow the words of Master Buffett verbatim and do not check the depth of the river with both feet.

Secondly, regarding expenses, you have to think that if you buy things you do not need, you will soon have to sell things you do need. Therefore, save. Just do not save what is left after the expenses, spend what is left after saving.

Regarding social status, never cease the activity that allowed you to get it, unless you have created a patent or an app that has sold and subsequently collapsed; In that case, enjoy the luck you have had.

As you can see, these are some of the countless cautions you must have if you succeed. Once read these recommendations, think if it has been worth the success, and if you can enjoy the small pleasures of those who enjoyed while I was starting to get it; see if the environment that supported or appreciated it is still the same and if you can still enjoy the small pleasures that previously made you happy.

Surely, if your ego does not allow it, it is that you are out of reality.

In my view, the development of people consists of three strata: extraorbital, limbo and reality.

Those who live in reality, do not require everything superfluous that success involves. Maybe they do not have glamor or riches, but I assure you that they know how to enjoy a good conversation with their family, to share small dreams with their partner or, simply, they can enjoy every day that goes on in their little world – not perfect for everyone, but if for them, although sometimes it is not at all -.

Those who live in limbo have the possibility of saving themselves, as long as they do not continue to surround themselves with sentimental mercenaries or unnecessary earthly pleasures. Since for me it is a pleasure to deal with reality, and every day I like more the people who live inside it. I ask you a favor, if you see that you begin to lose touch with reality, value your actions, since you can get everything in your earthly life, but only that, in earthly life.

If you no longer appreciate what reality supposes, the small pleasures of life or the beautiful moments with people who love you, you could say that you are lost, but even so, you will have the possibility of going down to limbo when reality hit him In that case, you can save yourself, but most likely, those who live in reality no longer want to deal with you.

Personally, because of my working life, I have met people who have had everything and at the end enjoy the small pleasures they had when they had nothing. Many of them live in reality and are loved, but many others no longer want them or their own children.

Therefore, it is best to find pleasure in small things. And above all enjoy the people that you want.

To finish, paraphrasing Plutarch when he said: “hunters catch hares with dogs; many men trap the ignorant with adulation, “if you have succeeded, do not sin ignorant once you have achieved success; Enjoy the immense pleasure of living with those few people who really appreciate it.