“There is no Rose without spines”

Refranero, how wise you are,
Despite the inconveniences of the language, you are the one who best defines human beings.

It is already known that there is no honey without gall, but different is that there is boneless flesh, because in the flesh sometimes lies the sin that we can fight with bone.

For that reason, and with flesh in between, let’s think about the meaning of the life of roses with spines.

All beauty, enjoys kneeling in the flesh of sentimentality and perdition, is the result of internal struggles of unresolved pleasures and  empty of immense ingratitude.

To you the roses, endowed with meat. Flesh of those who have approached beauty, a beauty that has allowed them to contemplate it and sometimes even enjoy it, but the pain and infection coming from the wounds of the thorns is still making them ooze.

For some, beauty is always worth everything, but in the consequences of having it, it is necessary to think.

Simile gratitude to this roses, look at the leprechaun and his golden pot: he loves gold at any price, but his death comes from excessive greed.

For all the pain and lack of compassion of these roses, you can only decide of two, one solution: love the roses with thorns at any price or cut the roses, because every flower always ends up withering.

In conclusion, and applying the philosophy of Saint John De la Cruz, think that in all earthly or divine paradises – there will always be snakes.

Although they offer you gold and fortune, they will only introduce you into unreal underworlds surrounded by large gold and diamond excrements.

So, before venturing into some paths to success, always listen to the refranero, who will remind you that there is no pleasure without thinking a priori and that there is no life without death.